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Conductive Composites develops and delivers the highest quality, conductivity-based products and solutions to address existing and emerging markets. The unique nature of our technology provides the ability to create a wide range of solutions with excellent electrical and electromagnetic performance in otherwise nonconductive or underperforming materials systems. Utilizing the advantageous properties of our technologies, our customers and partners realize great benefits:

  • Outstanding electromagnetic performance
  • Integrated performance that is part of the materials system
  • Improvements in strength and structural integrity
  • Significant weight reduction
  • Reduced or equivalent cost to traditional solutions
  • Improved capabilities of flexible plastic & composite manufacturing
  • Reduction of package size without compromising performance
  • Improved corrosion resistance

Proven Solutions:

Utilizing our unique properties and materials, our customers and partners are expanding capabilities while reducing the size and weight of their products. Applications include composite reflectors, antennas, shielded enclosures, structural adhesives, conductive coatings, lightweight cables and conduit, additive manufacturing, and lightning strike protection to name just a few.

System Solutions Data Sheet


We provide the materials and expertise for electromagnetic protection capabilities in lightweight formats such as molded thermoplastic cases or fiber reinforced cases for transit, load out, embedded systems and rack mount. Thermoplastic cases provide physical and electromagnetic protection in a lightweight economical platform, and are commercially available from Underwater Kinetics. Fiber reinforced laminate cases provide an ultimate combination of strength, weight, and shielding protection and are available directly from Conductive Composites.

Injection Molded Cases

  • Traditional plastic cases are easily manufactured and have desirable features but have little to no shielding capability. Shielding is often added with a secondary coating process or a metal liner, which often results in delaminating, compromised performance when scratched, coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch issues, or other structural degradation. Conductive Composites enables lightweight, economical, shielded enclosures that use our conductive materials directly in the molding compounds for a variety of enclosure manufacturing processes. This provides a “one shot” integrated solution with excellent shielding performance. Shielding capabilities of the cases are molded in, and thus there are no secondary processes or coatings / linings to scratch, peel, or corrode. Thermoplastic cases that provide integrated physical and electromagnetic protection are commercially available in a wide range of formats from Underwater Kinetics

Laminate Cases

  • Carbon Fiber composite laminate cases are among the lightest and strongest cases available, but typically have limited shielding capability. Carbon Fiber composite cases that integrate and deliver materials and technologies from Conductive Composites provide enhanced strength and provide the absolute high levels of shielding performance across a broad range of frequencies and shielding standard requirements. Our fiber reinforced laminate cases provide an ultimate combination of strength, weight, and shielding protection, and are available directly from Conductive Composites. Contact us to learn more about our Laminate Cases, available sizes and pricing.


Current efforts to shield cables and harnesses solutions are heavy. Conventional methods of shielding conduit and cables utilize woven metal jackets, metal conduit, or layers of metal laminated into the structure. These approaches can be effective, but come at a significant weigh penalty. Given the enormous length of materials needed, a small increase or decrease in weight per linear foot has an enormous impact on weight. For an aircraft, reducing any weight has a significant impact on fuel performance and overall production cost.

Our technologies enable lightweight, shielded rigid composite conduits that provide 40% (or more) weight savings over standard aluminum conduit with comparable shielding effectiveness. We also enable flexible shielding solutions for both conduit and shielded cables, with similar weight savings over legacy metallic based approaches at comparable cost. A variety of approaches to provide shielding are based on our Advanced Materials and include nickel coated composite fiber over-braiding, plastic coated conduit, or woven conductive jackets and sleeves. These solutions are useful for telecommunications, medical, and electronics applications with stringent shielding requirements for both radiation and susceptibility.

Contact us to learn more about our conduit and cable products, available sizes and pricing.


Metal antennas are often heavy, suffer from corrosion, fatigue over time, or have other limitations. In man-portable, mobile, or mast type applications, weigh is a significant disadvantage. Our Advanced Materials are used to produce composite antenna solutions that provide significant weight savings with equivalent of improved antenna performance over metals. Critical performance parameters such as gain, transmission, and reception are not degraded, and in some cases enhanced. For example, our tubular antennas have shown as much as a 6X reduction in weight for man-portable directional yagi antennas, with improved antenna performance. Our solutions are enabling revolutionary capabilities for military, industrial, and consumer telecommunications industries.


Conventional satellite reflectors used for man-portable, vehicle mounted, and stationary communications are generally built of metal and as a result are bulky & heavy. Larger reflectors made of metal also suffer from self-loading issues, and as a result require large additional structural support to maintain alignment. Plastic or composite reflectors are widely desired as an alternative, but these rely on secondary coating processes or metal liners for reflectivity. These approaches add manufacturing expense, additional weight, and suffer from delamination, corrosion, scratching, coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch issues, or other problems which impact functionality. Our integrated materials solutions enable significant space and weight reduction in a lightweight durable format. Conductive Components enables plastic and composite reflectors and man-portable satellite uplink systems with 65% weight reduction and 75% volume reduction and outstanding reflective performance. These systems are available commercially from Eclipse Composites


Our Advanced Material are use to provide a range of specialty construction materials. These materials are applicable to electro static discharge (ESD) sensitive applications, medical imaging, and shielding applications. Our products are intended to be used in construction just as conventional materials, while incorporating the advantageous properties of our unique materials. Specialty construction products include paints, sealants, adhesives, concrete, wallpaper, and other formats.

Specialty Construction Materials:

  • Paints
  • Sealants
  • Adhesives
  • Concrete
  • Wall Paper