Conductive Composites develops and delivers high quality conductivity-based products and solutions for existing and emerging markets. The unique nature of our technologies and materials enables a wide range of solutions.

Applications Benefits:

  • Outstanding electrical conductivity and electromagnetic performance
  • Integrated: part of the material system
  • Improvements in structural properties
  • Significant weight reduction
  • Reduced or equivalent cost over other solutions
  • Improved corrosion resistance


Our Partnered Development programs accelerate the success of our customers and partners by enabling and supporting breakthroughs in product capabilities.

We do this by providing material, technology, manufacturing, and market expertise directly to the programs of our customers and partners. We ensure that the right materials, processes, validation steps, and product qualification steps are in place to realize performance requirements, value/cost parameters, and market potential. We deliver the expertise needed to minimize development times/costs and maximize product maturity. As a successful SBIR, DAC, OSD, and DPA Title III prime contractor and subcontractor, our support levels range from basic partnerships to fully managed programs and integrated product team development. In addition, we actively engage in joint ventures and formal partnerships.

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Conductive Composites and its affiliates within the Conductive Group have a strong portfolio of United States and International Patents for advanced materials applications in many markets. We also work with trade secrets and proprietary technologies.

Contact us at the Conductive Group to discuss licensing opportunities.

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Our advanced materials integrate game-changing conductivity and shielding performance.