Architectural Products

Conductive Composites materials are used to make the easiest to install, highest performing, and most cost-effective architectural shielding products available. These products are sold by Faraday Structures as EMCoat Paint, EMShield Wallpaper, EMCaulk Sealant and other products.


Architectural Shielding products from Faraday Structures are among the highest performing and most cost-effective electromagnetic shielding solutions available. Our products create unique spaces that protect sensitive electronics, wireless networks, and secure communications from hacking, emanation, intrusion, or other electromagnetic issues. Perfect for protection in conference rooms, data centers, operations centers, sensitive medical device rooms and any other area where signal control is a concern. 

Our products benefit the defense, aerospace, communications, utilities, medical, and other essential industries. Any space where your organization needs signal protection can now be a shielded Faraday room. 


We make trial quantities of selected products available online to help our customers qualify and evaluate products in advance of commercial supply agreements.