Shielded Cases

Faraday Cases provide both physical and electromagnetic protection for critical equipment and information. Military personnel, first responders, corporate travelers, and consumers rely on Faraday Cases to protect critical equipment from data theft, EMP/EMI/RFI, and physical damage. Available in off-the-shelf and customized formats, Faraday Cases provide the ultimate level of protection against electromagnetic and cyber threats. 

Protect Your Electronics

Faraday Cases offer two lines of products to protect sensitive electronics such as communications equipment, sensors, computers and laptops, servers, routers, switches, and any other mission critical device. Our Zeus line of injection molded cases provide highly durable physical and electromagnetic protection in a lightweight, economical platform. Our Thor line of continuous fiber-reinforced composite laminate cases are in a class of their own as an ultimate solution for lightweight protection against demanding shielding standards. We offer both off-the-shelf solutions and custom designs, for totes, footlocker, 19” rackmount enclosures, or custom form factors for both storage and operating systems. 


We make trial quantities of selected products available online to help our customers qualify and evaluate products in advance of commercial supply agreements.