Our metal coated fibers are used in all applications where carbon, aramid, or other fibers are used, but with the additional performance advantages of electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding. Conductive Composites has a proprietary vapor-based coating process where each individual fiber is coated with a very thin and ductile film of pure nickel. Our coated fibers are available in tow, braid, cloth, and converted formats.

Nickel coated fibers elegantly add electrical conductivity and shielding performance to composite systems. Our coated composite fibers present an ultimate combination of low density, high strength, toughness, and high conductivity. Inquire about additional base fiber types, coating levels, sizing, format and packaging options.


NiFiber advantages include:

  • High performance composite fibers with the surface properties of metal
  • Electrical conductivity and shielding capabilities
  • Light weight, high stiffness, & high tensile strength
  • Significant weight, strength, and cost advantages compared to competing solutions
  • Easily inserts into a variety of manufacturing processes

Precision Coated and Converted Fibers (PC2F) are a highly uniform short fiber format, in lengths ranging from 2 mm to 150 micrometers. Our Precision Converted Fibers provide our customers and partners with a high-performance conductive and structural additive that is both lighter and longer than typical nickel coated graphite additive formats. With a wide range of available nickel coating levels and lengths, our easily dispersible high uniformity conductive PC2F products are perfectly suited for conductive coatings, gaskets, elastomers, sealants, and adhesives. We have also developed a number of patented approaches in applications that benefit from PC2F - inquire for licensing opportunities.


PC2F advantages include:

  • Light weight, high strength, high aspect ratio
  • Easily dispersed
  • Increased conductivity & shielding performance
  • Improvements in strength & structural integrity through lower loading levels
  • Integrates easily into high volume manufacturing
  • Improved capabilities of flexible plastics and composite manufacturing
  • Significantly higher conductivity than carbon additives
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Our longer length converted and sized conductive nickel coated carbon fiber staple is available with a range of nickel coating levels and sizing chemistries, in converted lengths from 3 mm to 24 mm. This format is primarily used as a high performance structural and conductive additive for thermosets & thermoplastics, and is also used in conductive nonwovens.


Cut Fiber advantages include:

  • Light weight, high strength, high aspect ratio
  • Uniform coating on fibers
  • Easily dispersed
  • Increased conductivity and shielding performance
  • Improvements in strength & structural integrity through lower loading levels
  • Improved material capabilities

We make trial quantities of selected products available online to help our customers qualify and evaluate products in advance of commercial supply agreements.