Conductive Composites provides conductivity-based polymer and composite solutions for markets that demand conductivity and shielding performance in multifunctional materials systems. We do this by inventing and manufacturing advanced materials, developing ready-to-field products, and providing technical expertise and licenses to our strategic partners.


There is no industry that values weight reduction and performance more than Aerospace. In Aerospace, weight = $$, and systems must be properly connected and shielded to ensure fail-safe operation. Additionally, structures must be protected from lightning strike and other electrical hazards. 

Composite structures must be engineered for de-icing and a broad range of environmental conditions. Our unique solutions incorporate multifunctional capabilities in composite structures, ensuring safe operations and saving weight and cost.

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Medical environments are highly demanding and must operate, regardless of external influences. High performance medical devices are sensitive to electrical interference and must be protected. In addition, unique conductive fiber products are needed for imaging applications. Our engineered solutions improve performance and reduce product cost and complexity. 

Our shielded cables, conduit, and other specialty construction products also improve performance and reduce cost and weight of medical imaging suites, whether mobile or stationary.

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When it comes to advanced materials and technologies, the automotive industry is one of the most rapidly changing sectors. The requirement for lightweight, high strength structures – coupled with both computing density and increasingly electric drivetrains of modern vehicles – means that the need for low density, high strength, shielding materials with natural corrosion resistance has never been greater. 

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The telecommunications and utility power industries have challenging field conditions that drive the need for conductivity and shielding performance. Protecting sensitive equipment and infrastructure from unwanted interference, while utilizing low-cost lightweight materials, is at the top of the list of motivating factors. 

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Industrial sectors benefit greatly from our technologies that can efficiently improve performance at large scales. Our products are used not only on rapidly growing composite-based applications, but also in applications already at huge scale, such as static-dissipative coatings for industrial flooring and tank lining applications. Learn how our architectural shielding products are being utilized in this market on the Faraday Structures website.

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The defense sector has some of the most demanding requirements for materials performance, and our products and technologies have been able to consistently meet the needs of platforms across all the major services.

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With responsibility to both customers and shareholders, Corporations have some of the most consequential needs to protect information and systems. Our high-performance materials and technologies are enabling protection that is better, faster, and more deployable than anything else available.

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Consumer markets utilize our products for a wide range of solutions. 

Applications include: 

  • Protective equipment cases
  • High sensitivity composites for sporting goods markets
  • Acoustically engineered composites for instruments
  • Warm cosmetic finishes not available from other materials
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Our Partnered Development program accelerates the success of our customers and partners by enabling and supporting revolutionary breakthroughs in product capabilities.